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Although I haven't photographed Alaskan polar bears as my grandfather did in the 1920's, I have followed in his footsteps with my lifelong passion for photography. After going to photography school in California, I did textbook illustrations. Then I worked as a teacher for 25 years and - in the meantime - experimented with nature photography and candids of children.

Gradually, my niche evolved into macro-floral photography. What I enjoy most is experiencing the beauty and surprises of nature up close and then transforming my impressions into abstract compositions. (These photos look best when enlarged to at least 20x30.) My family, the Pacific Northwest, exploring beaches, traveling, and hiking have inspired the rest of my work.

My photographs are shown at the William Joseph Gallery in Portland and on its website. They have appeared in The Nature Conservancy contests and ads and have been winners in The Oregonian’s Travel and Home & Garden contests. Most recently I won the grand prize in the 2013 Oregonian Travel Photo Contest.